Johnson & Sons is a family owned and operated company that has been in the flooring industry for more than 20 years. Specializing in industrial and commercial flooring solutions – including epoxy flooring, concrete floor finishes, commercial kitchen flooring, floor coatings, sealants and containment applications – we’ve advanced along with the technology and the times to maintain a fierce stance as a leader in the flooring industry.

We serve the entire southwest market including Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, with each office maintaining installation crews that are thoroughly experienced in all major brand products. You’ll find that the experts at Johnson & Sons know the product and its application to your specific industry, so you are guaranteed a flooring system that not only meets your needs, but will be a lucrative investment for your business as well.

Each installation we make is fully guaranteed, and we carry comprehensive insurance coverage for your protection. Johnson & Sons ensures that all of our commercial and industrial flooring solutions are of the highest quality. All our concrete floor finishes and industrial floor coatings have superior resistance to normal wear and tear as well as other types of abuse, such as acid or alkali spills. These products can also be conductive and static dissipative.

No matter how complex your facility, all Johnson & Sons flooring solutions can be customized to suit any design, including the placement of your company logo. As a turnkey contractor, we have experience applying floor coatings in all types of locations such as hotels, hospitals, parking garages, heavy manufacturing, food processing, secondary containment and automotive facilities.

Johnson & Sons welcomes the opportunity to evaluate the flooring solutions you need. We will provide a fair bid that will fit within your schedule and, most importantly, your budget. We will work closely with your staff to arrange our work schedule so there is as little interference with your day-to-day production and operating schedule as possible.