Johnson & Sons - Medical CityAs a highly functional cement-water mixture, concrete is used in all branches of industry for its notoriety as a highly economical and long-lasting building element. To protect it against environmental influences and to prevent the formation of cracks and corrosion, Johnson & Sons developed special product systems which include:

  • Urethane coatings
  • Double broadcast systems
  • Troweled epoxy systems
  • Troweled urethanes systems
  • Flexible waterproofing
  • Water vapor transmission barriers
  • Radon and other gas barriers
  • Oil filtration barriers
  • Concrete repair and protection
  • Concrete crack repair
  • Containment areas designed for the specific chemicals needed to contain


Some advantages of the special product systems developed by Johnson & Sons:

  • Maximizes waterproof capabilities of concrete
  • Reduces water demand for a given slump
  • Reduces shrinkage and cracking
  • Reduces bleeding and bleeding time
  • Improves workability of concrete
  • Aids the curing of concrete
  • Increases compressive strength
  • Allows passage of air and vapor
  • Protection of concrete against certain aggressive chemicals, including chloride attack on reinforcing steel
  • Treatment is permanent and is not contingent on the durability of a surface coating
  • Cost effective as surface coatings are not necessary
  • Treatment cannot be damaged as it forms an integral part of the concrete


Bulletproof Your FloorsWastewater Treatment FacilitiesLevel Floors

Johnson & Sons installs heavy duty, troweled epoxy flooring with silica or metal filled aggregates to provide strong protection in heavy equipment traffic areas, production facilities, and warehouses.

Stop Acids & Solvents From Corroding Concrete with high performance, chemical resistant linings, coatings, slurries, and overlays that protect under the harshest conditions.

Eliminate Static Charge with ESD/Conductive coatings suitable for use in semiconductor and munitions plants.

Waterproof Surfaces using traffic membranes that stop water erosion in parking garages, outside pedestrian walkways, patio decks, etc.

Johnson & Sons is equipped to coat the floors, walls and ceilings of aeration and equalization basins, grit chambers, wells and manholes, to resist hydrogen sulfide attack.

Provide Sanitation & Antimicrobial Protection using a variety of USDA Approved, seamless epoxy floorings.

Johnson & Sons grinds concrete floors and/or pours self-leveling underlayments to create a flat, smooth surface that’s ready for tile, carpet, or any specialty coating.

Repair Cracks using high pressure, epoxy or foam injection to eliminate annoying or dangerous areas that can cause employee safety hazards or equipment damage.