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Retro-Coat™ Vapor Intrusion Coating System

Introducing the Retro-Coat™ Vapor Intrusion Coating System!

Retro-Coat DiagramRetro-Coat™ is a complete product line that consists of chemically resistant materials to properly protect existing structures from the threat of contaminant vapor intrusion without the need for additional concrete protection. Developed by the R&D team of Land Science®, the Retro-Coat™ system has been subjected to rigorous testing procedures to prove its ability to combat the most aggressive chemical vapors.

Vapor intrusion can cause significant uncertainty for building owners, whether the building is new or old. Retro-Coat™ provides a simple and proven solution to a complex problem while preventing liability when used as a preemptive step in vapor mitigation. The product is extremely strong and actually enhances concrete making it twice as strong holding up to heavy traffic, even that of forklifts.

The main component of the Retro-Coat™ system is the Retro-Coat™ coating which is a two part, odorless, no VOC, 100% solids coating. Retro-Coat™ finishes to a high gloss, easy-to-clean surface. It is available in a variety of colors and additives or materials can be utilized to achieve a desired performance or aesthetic look. For enhanced slip resistance, a suitable aggregate can be added. Contact Johnson & Sons today to learn more about Retro-Coat™!


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