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Johnson & Sons has been a trusted partner in advanced commercial and industrial coating services for over 34 years. We offer a wide variety of coating services for commercial facilities including data centers, education, entertainment, healthcare /senior living, hospitality, industrial, institutional, multifamily high-rises, to office/retail/& mixed-use.

Johnson & Sons provides superior flooring solutions for commercial and industrial businesses in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. With more than 30 years in the flooring industry, we have emerged as the leader in epoxy flooring, concrete floor finishes, sealants, and containment applications.

A well-kept floor says a great deal about your company. It not only shows you are professional and committed to high-quality goods and services; it also demonstrates to your employees that you are sincere about keeping a healthy, safe, and clean working environment.

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Johnson & Sons’ Troweled Epoxy Mortar Systems are excellent for heavy-duty wear areas and ideal for use in commercial kitchens, manufacturing plants, pulp and paper mills, petroleum refineries, wastewater treatment facilities, drum storage areas, pharmaceuticals, and food and beverage facilities.

Self-Leveling Epoxy and Urethane Systems are designed for medium to heavy-duty wear and are suitable in manufacturing plants, animal enclosures, clean rooms, pharmaceuticals, automotive maintenance areas, restrooms, locker rooms, packaging and storage areas, and aircraft hangar floors.
Chemical Resistant Coatings protect the substrate from damage from aggressive acids, alkalis, or solvents and are ideal for medium to heavy-duty wear. Urethane Concrete Coatings are chemical resistant and corrosion proof and are designed for long-lasting performance, especially in high-moisture areas.


Retro-Coat™ is a complete product line that consists of chemically resistant materials to properly protect existing structures from the threat of contaminant vapor intrusion without the need for additional concrete protection. Developed by the R&D team of Land Science®, the Retro-Coat™ system has been subjected to rigorous testing procedures to prove its ability to combat the most aggressive chemical vapors.

Vapor intrusion can cause significant uncertainty for building owners, whether the building is new or old. Retro-Coat™ provides a simple and proven solution to a complex problem while preventing liability when used as a preemptive step in vapor mitigation. The product is extremely strong and actually enhances concrete making it twice as strong holding up to heavy traffic, even that of forklifts.

The main component of the Retro-Coat™ system is the Retro-Coat™ coating which is a two part, odorless, no VOC, 100% solids coating. Retro-Coat™ finishes to a high gloss, easy-to-clean surface. It is available in a variety of colors and additives or materials can be utilized to achieve a desired performance or aesthetic look. For enhanced slip resistance, a suitable aggregate can be added. Contact Johnson & Sons today to learn more about Retro-Coat™!


Johnson & Sons’ decorative flooring systems are available in multiple colors are customizable and aesthetically pleasing. Trowel-applied or broadcast-applied, seamless fluid-applied resinous flooring systems are resistant to impact, abrasion and chemicals and are a great choice for high traffic areas in many facilities such as locker rooms, showers, commercial kitchens, healthcare and pharmaceutical facilities, clean rooms, laboratories, animal research facilities, and food and beverage facilities.


Johnson & Sons’ ESD floors are spark-proof, durable, and eliminate static charge. Our static dissipative and conductive systems are excellent for electronics production, semiconductor and munitions plants, aerospace facilities, as well as power plants, clean rooms, computer rooms, and aircraft hangars.


Johnson & Sons’ chemical resistant linings, coatings, slurries, and overlays protect substrates by stopping acids, alkalis, and solvents from corroding concrete. They provide excellent protection in semiconductor manufacturing plants, pulp and paper mills, refineries, pharmaceuticals, wastewater treatment facilities, plating operations, and secondary containment areas. Johnson & Sons are equipped to coat the floors, walls, and ceilings of aeration and equalization basins, grit chambers, wells, and manholes, to resist hydrogen sulfide attacks.


A 100% reactive, fast curing, high strength, methyl methacrylate (MMA) based, acrylic flooring system. It is a nominal 1/8 (Q-28) – 3/16 (Q-11) inch (3-4.75 mm) overlay system, composed of primer, double broadcast decorative aggregate, and topcoats. This system cannot be thinned with solvents. The surface finish can be smooth or slip-resistant.

ColorsChemical ResistanceCleaningCuring
Our decorative aggregate is available in several standard colors and in two sizes. Color options are standard colors and custom color blends.This product is resistant to many common chemicals. Please ask us for full details of its resistance to specific chemicals/reagents.MMA is considered to be a low maintenance flooring solution; however, certain textures and service environments require specific procedures.Our MMA coating will cure in 45-60 minutes. The floor is fully functional one hour after completed application.



  • VOC Compliant, <100 g/L
  • Fast cure, full strength in less than one hour
  • NSF, CFIA Registered
  • Indoor and outdoor applications
  • UV Resistant
  • Resistant to chemical attack
  • Seamless, no cold joints, always bonds to itself
  • Meets USDA/FDA guidelines
  • Use over a wide temperature range, even below freezing
  • Available with antibacterial and fungal additives. 

Typical Uses

  • Laboratories
  • Traffic Aisles
  • Heavy Industry
  • Walk In Coolers
  • Animal Research
  • Loading Docks
  • Pool Decks
  • Manufacturing Areas
  • Food Processing Areas
  • Bottling Areas
  • Freezers
  • Grocery Stores
  • Commercial Kitchens


The “Waterproofing” trade includes a wide spectrum of waterproofing products and applications. Our specialty is the application of materials known as “Deck” or “Traffic” coatings. This keeps water out of the parking garages, garages and buildings, new construction and/or remodeling. Our complete waterproofing and caulking application keep water out.

Pedestrian Traffic Bearing Coatings
Vehicular Traffic Bearing Coatings
Expansion Joints

Carpet & Tile Removal

For the removal of carpet and the accompanying glue, Johnson & Sons uses a ride-on unit from SASE called The Twister. It easily pulls up everything leaving only the bare concrete beneath ready for any additional prepping.

Diamond Grinding

Diamond grinding is an environmentally friendly concrete pavement restoration technique that corrects irregularities such as faulting and roughness on concrete pavements. Along with shot blasting, grinders are used for edging along walls and equipment to smooth surfaces.

The diamond grinding contractors at Johnson & Sons use specially designed equipment that uses gang-mounted diamond saw blades to cut through bumps in the concrete surface. The process produces a very smooth uniform appearance. It is even possible to produce an almost marble or terrazzo-like appearance by using successively finer and finer abrasives to polish concrete.

Concrete Restoration & Repair

Johnson & Sons’ concrete restoration repairs are a long-term repair solution that restores the structural properties of the concrete. We offer both vertical and horizontal concrete repair. We can also mend concrete surface cracks and rebuild joint and crack nosings to provide a sound substrate. We can repair cracks using high pressure, epoxy, or foam injection to eliminate annoying or dangerous areas that can cause employee safety hazards or equipment damage.

Concrete Polishing & Sealing

Johnson & Sons’ methods for preparing concrete for the installation of flooring systems include diamond grinding, shot blasting, epoxy/urethane removal, tile removal, and carpet/glue removal. These lustrous surfaces are ideal for use in retail stores, warehouses, office facilities, malls, restaurants, light industrial facilities, and auto showrooms. To level floors, we grind the concrete and/or pour self-leveling underlayments to create a flat, smooth surface that’s ready for tile, carpet, or any specialty coating. Our diamond grinders have varying grit blades to achieve smooth, gleaming finishes on concrete surfaces. Shot blasting is the recommended method of surface preparation by most coating manufacturers for many reasons. It eliminates the use of harsh non-eco-friendly chemicals and leaves the concrete floor with the desired profile. High production rates, blast pattern accuracy, and wide abrasive selection make steel shot blasting an attractive choice. Disposal of dust and other contaminants is efficient, and shot blasting can be performed indoors or outdoors. Shot blasting can be done with our ride on diesel-powered machines or our walk-behind electric-powered machines.